College Students Party A open antique shop business

entrepreneurship case is more and more, and the operation of the product series is very rich, but we are familiar with all kinds of entrepreneurship or breeding and growing business, a business case in this small series is the antique market. Below, let Xiaobian take you to know about entrepreneurial hero party a experience.

doctoral pig raising, master’s food is no longer news. In college students to open an antique shop, but it is the first time I heard. Yiwu poly Cui Ge "Party A is such a person.

is a Lizu village of Houzhai District in Yiwu City, 22 years old this year, is the fourth grade students in Xi’an Seokyeong University. Although he is young, it has been nearly two years since he opened an antique shop as a manager. A party involved in the antique industry is to follow in his footsteps. His father was Fang Haojiang, playing the collection has more than 20 years, has a unique perspective for the appreciation of jade, bamboo and wood carving. Party a small monasteries, an understanding of the antique industry.

was admitted to the Seokyeong University in Xi’an, the ancient capital of Changan to see all over the treasure, the Chinese culture is so broad and profound, it produced the idea of engaging in the cause of the future. So in the freshman and sophomore during the summer vacation, a party to his father’s antique shop practice, in her father’s advice, through their own hard study, master the basic method of identification of jade, wood carving and other antiques. At the same time, in his spare time, often in Xi’an and those with high streets and back lanes around, the rich experience of talk with the boss, realize from the many doorways, and learned many books there is no thing.

the first semester of the junior, Party A to put forward to open his own father, an antique shop in downtown Yiwu Xiuhu park. Lao Fang asked, light rent a year to about 200000 yuan. Fang Fang see his father mused, said: "Dad, I just want to tell you, will not take money to the home." Fang Haojiang think, let his son to exercise, or agree.

makes his father did not think of is, as early as a month ago, the son of the first hand has made a necessary cost. In the summer, he and a classmate of the family to go to Singapore Tourism, saw a white jade of a hollow pen antique shop, Party A from patina at a glance this is the mid Qing Dynasty old things, is also good, the students through bargaining, father loaning 100 thousand yuan bought this pen for. Back to Yiwu after a Tibet invested 350 thousand yuan bought from a party. Party A will use the money to rent the house, please professor Wang Bomin of The China Academy of Art wrote "poly Cui Ge" plaque, out of the antique shop.

party a while studying in Xi’an, while the use of holidays from thirteen dynasties Xi’an Daoteng antiquities to Yiwu to sell, to his father’s colleagues to the young college students sit up and take notice. A party.

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