Entrepreneurship to join the store location to follow the 7 laws

a lot of business is the need to open the store, if it is a shop to do business, you need to spend more time on the site, because the location of the store’s impact on the management of the latter, what is the store? Storefront shop facade. Our people are most concerned about is the weather, geography, and the people, for their own store operations, the location of the store location is good or bad decision profit. So, how to choose the business to join the shop shop? Small series according to the franchisee shop and store operations as well as the theory of the real estate, a simple talk about the choice of entrepreneurship to join the shop location skills.

1, according to local conditions to choose the industry

is located in the transportation hub of the shops, should be operating daily necessities or low price, easy to carry consumer goods. Located in the vicinity of residential shops should be integrated consumer goods management. Located in the vicinity of office buildings, should be operating culture, office supplies, and the grade of goods should be relatively high. In the vicinity of the school to join the shop, should operate stationery, food, daily necessities. Before investing in shops, it should be looking for a way out".

2, the surrounding people need to know the purchasing power of

entrepreneurs to join the crowd around the shop to buy the size and quality of the power, determines the basic value of the shops. Of course, in those areas with strong purchasing power, the high value of shops, you get the cost of return on investment is relatively high.

3, the clever use of the "Like attracts like."

management has not on a street, a market management regulations, but in the long run, a street or a region, is likely to spontaneously form concentrated market sales of certain commodities "".

4, independent facade

has no independent open franchise shop storefront facade, you will naturally lose independent advertising space, you will lose their marketing wisdom of the space in front of the store, the store will give future promotions great trouble.

5, a roadside store can choose

if the shop is located in a shop on the side of a road, there are two directions on the road back and forth of the passenger flow, this street shops, the value is not low.

6, traffic is very important

to join the store revenue depends largely on the flow of people. Really support the long-term profitability of shops is fixed flow, followed by flow, passenger flow (bus, subway passenger).

7, the surrounding traffic to facilitate

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