College students start a new way of online sales for a beekeeping enterprise

for many college students, the choice is very important. A right choice will set you on the path to success. The day before, Wuchang Polytechnic Institute 4 college students using the new media business, set up a shop selling honey, open a new road for online sales for a bee in township enterprises. A week, their sales turnover has reached nearly 3000 yuan.

it is understood that the sale of honey shop named "Yifeng Honggang mountain honey", is the Wuchang Institute of logistics 1101 Wang Yudong, 1301 Li Chenchen and Zhang Jiye, the electricity supplier logistics 1102 beam Changmei 4 college students and got the partnership, Zhao Shuangyun associate professor at the Graduate School of business guidance.

it is reported that at present, the shop operates bee products royal jelly, soil honey, flowers honey, more than 20 kinds of products, the new store opened less than a week’s turnover has been close to 3000 yuan.   entrepreneurship is a difficult road, which is not easy and only the real experience of bitterness can feel. But our team is still full of confidence. We are optimistic about the prospects of the store, but also believe that their choice." The team member Zhang Jiye said.


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