Female college students’ rich story

now college students’ entrepreneurship has become very popular, and there are a lot of people have entrepreneurial ideas, in real life there are a lot of people have successfully completed the business goals, then say this is a successful entrepreneur.

23 year old Yang Xiaolin started his career before graduating from college! Just out of college, she has been more than half a year when the pastry shop owner –

to borrow in venture capital, Yang Xiaolin began renting everywhere. With the house, she began to follow the bakery company sent to bake Taiwan master learning. During that time, Yang Xiaolin spent most of his time in the store. Sometimes she often stays up until midnight to study how to make the cake better.

2010 in January, Yang Xiaolin’s official opening of the store, not yet graduated she became a small boss. Next door is a small shop has a small reputation, and sometimes some customers to buy cakes, see Yang Xiaolin’s shop will be curious to go around the store. But most of them asked Yang Xiaolin, "what’s good in your shop?"".

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