Developers to sub business incubator a cup of soup

is now a popular business and innovation period, in such a new era, entrepreneurship has also been upgraded to a new height, at the same time, some enterprises facing the whole society is closely related to entrepreneurship and.

in "public entrepreneurship, innovation" boom, "transformation" has become a popular vocabulary. Standing at the crossroads of transformation, housing prices are also seeking the road of change, one of the most noteworthy is that some housing prices began to this area of concern "entrepreneurial economy", and has always been focused on residential product development Vanke Real estate, are trying to "Denver entrepreneurial economy": office building of the right to the use of stock exchange company.

Shenzhen precedent

office property or the right to use the replacement startup option

Nanjing followed by

operations or refer to Shenzhen, a group of hackerspaces landed

on the road transformation in this way, Nanjing’s housing prices are also not far behind, there are a lot of housing prices in Nanjing have aimed at creating the economy, gradually test the water maxspace.

is located in the science and Technology Innovation Park kylin enlightenment · Fang Zhou, in April this year launched the first "Internet plus" public record space, from · Fang Zhou said the person in charge of project planning recommended

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