Tour scenic Mount Huangshan police professional

life is not unfamiliar with the word police, but you have heard of the tourist police? Recently, the Mount Huangshan Scenic Area Public Security Bureau police detachment tourism approved the listing, which also marks the Anhui province first "tourist police team officially unveiled. "Tourist police" is one of the pilot initiatives in Huangshan City relatively concentrated administrative punishment and actively explore the field of tourism management, the mode of the lead in the domestic implementation of Tourism Management in the field of a department management, a team of law enforcement, a main punishment mode, solving the problem of law enforcement, law enforcement, law enforcement efficiency of cross.

since last year, Huangshan City has been included in the National Tourism reform and innovation in the first area, the national tourism demonstration area to create a list. Take this opportunity, Huangshan City in the field of tourism management to explore the power of relatively concentrated administrative punishment pilot, took the lead to set up the Tourism Management Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau has independent administrative enforcement of the main qualifications, in the area of major scenic spots and tourist center pilot, concentrated exercise price, tourism, industry and commerce, food safety, transportation, public security, culture, sports (Heritage Management) 88 administrative punishment and other 8 main functions. It is understood that the pilot area for the Tunxi District of Huangshan City, Mount Huangshan, Yixian County and Mount Huangshan scenic area, involving more than A-level scenic spots 29.

with the development of society, people’s living standards improve, tourism has become a common social behavior, so the relevant supporting is indispensable! Tourism Management in the field of administrative punishment is relatively concentrated, the implementation of a departmental punishment, a team of law enforcement, a seal punishment. The establishment of a unified platform for accepting and handling complaints, will implement a platform to accept, a platform assigned, a platform reply, efforts to enhance the tourist experience of tourists. At the same time, the field of tourism administrative law enforcement by Department of external circulation, for internal circulation of tourism comprehensive law enforcement agency, tourism market supervision, law enforcement, and implementation of the "three unified", comprehensive supervision to enhance the ability of tourism market.

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