2016 candidates how to fill volunteer

2016 college entrance examination results have been released, a problem now, the majority of candidates are facing is how to fill volunteer. The students before life obsession is to learn how to fill volunteer was completely confused, in this context, many candidates who volunteer are replaced by parents. In fact, the candidates for their future development is very bad, then, in 2016 the candidates how to fill volunteer?

from the beginning of the day to get the college entrance examination scores, many candidates and parents into another kind of anxiety: how to fill volunteer? Parents and children are not unified, in order to select a professional on the spot turn over, a lot of parents do not understand the admissions rules, 50% students to fill volunteer parents"……

college entrance examination scores just released, in a short period of several days of voluntary reporting, parents and candidates have been stumped by this problem. Because there is no clear understanding of the rules of voluntary reporting, and missed the opportunity to be admitted to the University entrance. In many years of voluntary counseling, the creation of the college entrance examination wing college president Guo Xiaochuan encountered too many such cases.

"parallel volunteer only fill A volunteer, do not obey the deployment, the last to call for volunteers and do not understand the rules of the enrollment is returned…… In this regard, Guo Xiaochuan remind candidates to fill volunteer, we must carefully study enrollment rules in the admission rules, to avoid missed opportunities.

ignored admissions rules candidates were down

admission rules are the core of the prospectus, is an important information for candidates to fill the necessary information. "But about seven of the parents we have come into contact with are barely aware of it." Guo Xiaochuan cited an example, Xi’an Jiaotong University, once back a total of more than and 600 points of the candidates, tuidang reason is Chinese single failed. Candidates did not pay attention to the rules of the Xi’an Jiaotong University Admissions rules on the candidates must pass the exam requirements, resulting in the volunteer filled invalid.

from the university admissions charter, the admission rules in addition to performance requirements, generally also includes a file sort; examination requirements, such as visual acuity, height etc.; some special provisions, such as whether the interview, test. Some colleges and universities require professional candidates to apply for architecture after admission test requirements or painting, hotel management professional pre-school or school candidates after the interview etc……. All of these candidates need to carefully read the magazine articles everyone has a copy of enrollment.

50% students volunteer to listen to parents

college entrance examination is students’ ambitions and aspirations, but many parents but for others, cause children and parents who disagree and argue. Many parents want their children to pick a professional pick a good job in the future, but the children have their own ideas, the two sides often have an argument." Guo Xiaochuan told reporters, in consultation

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