Entrepreneurs should do a good job in the entrepreneurial market analysis in order to achieve succes

entrepreneurial success and failure, many successful entrepreneurs in the business before the full preparation and market analysis, so that the future of the road more smoothly. As an entrepreneur, who wants to be successful. How to be a successful entrepreneur, there are the following methods for reference.

1. determine your vision. Your vision can not be given to you by others, you must determine the vision of your life.

2. for big planning to give up small choice. To achieve their business goals is > there is a price, you can not pursue such a choice, while retaining other options.

3. goes beyond the self. It is impossible to achieve only the general effort. You need dedication and unremitting efforts, which is essential to your success.

4. break the routine of life, such as running in the morning, take a different route from the previous day; set a plan to ride a bike.

5. learn to look at yourself in the eyes of others. Imagine you are your client, imagine you are your rival, imagine you are your boss

6. learn to say " thank you ". When any person for any reason to say hello to you, you should politely answer: " thank you.

7. in public places to be very relaxed, fast and powerful gait, with a dignified.

1. took the hobby as a career. Many people believe that can make a cake can open a restaurant, will cut clothes will be able to open clothing store, to invest a large sum of money, not a few months out. If you can put the hobby as a springboard to a career, for others to do, as a student the opportunity to learn business skills, looking for a rich man to manage partner later, it may implement the entrepreneurial dream.

2. is too ambitious. His ambition is to deal with, but in the development of a market strategy, we must act. Don’t think that the more products, customers more widely the more successful, in fact, the customer " a net neck is impossible.

3. venture capital shortage entrepreneurs often too optimistic when starting, did not prepare enough capital turnover, did not make the worst.

4. did not watch out, debts are difficult to collect. Many people have such experience, the longer the delay is difficult to recover debts, even by default, it should be to master their own customers from various channels to collect the cards, in the contract, do not worry about the other default.

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