Founder of the shop just walked 1 to go


1, business is done fast, now leaving the founder, as no business plan execution, while WAL-MART is looking for here, shop No. 1 holding shizaibide, WAL-MART after the 1 store is going

?Just leave a message on

?The history of the development of


1, founded in 2008, to the back of a period of rapid development, then there has been no one to do the B2C class business platform is relatively mature, there is no doubt the shop No. 1 at the time of the business market has injected new blood. But in 2009 when affected by the financial crisis, 1 shop funds shortage, the plight of the company will be 80% of the shares to Ping An group of 80 million.

It was said that peace is

so give up 80% equity from 2010 80 million to Ping An, shop No. 1 is a step by step into the hole, eventually reduced to the investor’s prey. Ping An Group and WAL-MART recommend shop 1

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