This new ice cream shop skills you get to do all the business

for a new venture, there are many aspects of the shop is not clear, if you are also the first time to start a shop so the following introduction you will like. The following ice cream shop as an example to introduce how to make your own business better.

in the ice cream store management, you need at least to establish a basic management framework, there is a clear summary of the concept, so as to ensure that the general direction of the business will not go. This article, from the ice cream shop three important aspects for you to explain how to make business more prosperous.

in recent years, Italian ice cream swept the entire Chinese ice cream market, a family of Italian ice cream shops in the streets of the city. The same is the classic style of the Italian ice cream, operated by different operators, the results are very different. The most striking contrast, there are some Italian ice cream shop popularity, and some stores are cold, and ultimately face the dilemma of closure. In order to avoid the worst due to improper operation caused by the closure of the store, DF headquarters company as early as the beginning of a small encyclopedia to give its franchisees.

first, operators need to "quality first, service first" code "General guidance to it". As the authentic inheritors of Italian ice cream, the taste quality and taste uniqueness of DF Italian ice cream should be guaranteed. Therefore, operators need to undergo a rigorous training in the latter part of the operation carey for each person to give consumers the ice cream, for their products to create a good reputation.

secondly, the vast majority of consumers are now more willing to eat in a comfortable dining environment, so it appears that money to buy services, the trend. With the continuous improvement of the economic level, people are more willing to spend more money on a comfortable dining and chatting environment. And this is the ideal environment for consumers to create DF ice cream shop. Flowers adorn, decorate gadgets and other details of the deal, often can be seen in the warm and comfortable DF ice cream shop.

moreover, in the modern service industry as the third industry, the quality of service can directly affect the survival of a store. In real life, there are many stores because of poor service and be ignored by consumers. Even if there is a delicious Italian ice cream, there will be no customers to buy. So DF ice cream shop facade is not a storefront storefront decoration, but a long time, widely known as service reputation.

in addition to the above three points, the operator can also through the holiday promotions, coupons, WeChat marketing, new try various means to drive traffic, these hand operators need to communicate with each other and headquarters, on the other hand also need to constantly try operators.

believe that in the case of the big framework has been established, as long as you are operating

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