What are the specific features of the process of the exhibition

now the country are constantly held a series of events, at the same time, we all know that exhibition process will often play a very important effect, will have many different exhibition function, let’s take a look at what has the function of exhibition.

1,   exhibition exhibition function; a modern media function as continuous integration of high-tech achievements, by this way, can set up the enterprise image, product promotion, can set up the image of the city, showing the fruits of development and promote the arts and culture, promoting economic development, promoting social progress. In recent years, many Asian countries have attached great importance to develop this function in Hongkong, Singapore, South Korea, specifically the construction of a number of exhibition center, exhibition hall and other integrated facilities, display function to the development of the exhibition industry exhibition.

2, image propaganda function   attention is increasingly becoming a scarce resource in the era of knowledge economy, the intangible assets of the information society and the precious capital of the market economy. The competition of the world economy and even the world city is becoming the competition for eyeballs and attention. The World Conference and exhibition will certainly attract worldwide attention. Davos and Boao is a good example. As the world economic forum meeting in Davos, this is a small town in Switzerland and now has become a remote and backward place, the center of attention all over the world. Every year, only the world’s mainstream media have more than and 600 gathered, all around the world attention here. Kojima Hiro, Hainan, Qionghai, China, but also because of the first annual meeting of the Asian forum, the world famous.

the growing number of exhibition activities, not only brings new opportunities for the enterprise, to enhance the visibility of the exhibition held in zone. In Germany, for example, the international leading Expo held in Germany about 2/3, while Germany Expo City has more than and 20, which is located in eastern Germany Hannover exhibition has so famous all over the world, and it has the world’s largest exhibition area, covers an area of about 1000000 square meters, is the birthplace of the World Expo, has 800 years of history exhibition. Paris as the center of the city and the French exhibition industry and more well-known in the world. A successful exhibition, to point to an area, not only can make a product, a world renowned enterprises, but also can make the exhibition held in the image’s recommendation

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