Peter Tell people who make outstanding contributions to the nternet

he’s a math genius, a chess player, like Solzhenitsyn and rand. In the global Internet industry, venture capitalist Peter · is a name that can’t be crossed. Because the industry always looking forward to the "prophets" figure of what new items of interest, but also because of his successful entrepreneurship, investment experience and ability, he’s able to perform wonders.

        PayPal market, life’s first bucket of />

  investment risk, able to perform wonders  ;     after the financial freedom and Theil they join in the risk investment. He will be founded in 1996 Thiel Asset Management Co (Thiel  Capital  Management) changed its name to Clarium  Capital  Management, his own injected $10 million. Since then, he began to look for a patient with a promising start-up. At that time, the social network, which is rarely favored by people, is considered to be the next dangerous Internet bubble, but it is still full of confidence. In the summer of 2004, Hoffman and Silicon Valley urchin · (Sean );

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