Women’s street was hit was mistaken for people seeking psychological shadow area

admit that people believe most of them have experienced. Recently, there was a woman on the street inexplicably beaten, after the police investigation, but found that the batterer is mistaken for people. At this time, only to be beaten ginger lady’s shadow area!

22 year old Ms. Jiang said yesterday morning at 10, she went to evergreen garden swimming pool bus station, a white car suddenly stopped to the side, the car down two men and two women. A more than and 50 year old woman in her neck is a slap in the face, she was scared and ran to the other two passers-by car.

"they also chase, and revile me." Ms. Jiang said she did not know these people, but a few people scolded, while trying to pull her up. Fortunately, waiting for the public will be separated by a few people, the other side did not succeed. See Ms. Jiang alarm, a few people on the train to leave, then a man will be sent home to ms..

"I haven’t had economic disputes, there is no emotional disputes, these people do not know how it is." Ms. Jiang said.



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