Standing on the threshold of entrepreneurship in 3 years of entrepreneurship awareness of the 3

if you can make their own interests into a career, it is really a very happy thing. My high school and college experience and games are inseparable, "Magic Baby" "Warcraft" "World of Warcraft" is my favorite game. That memory has been so good to me that the name of my second startup is the guild name of the game – "God"".

my idea is to smash their money on time, as far as possible to prove the team, that we can make a good product, it is also responsible to investor. Although the need for funds to improve the team and product, but my heart is not inclined to seek investment, on the one hand to find investment to spend a lot of time, on the other hand to find investment will undoubtedly give yourself a boss, perhaps more appropriate partner LP.

and investing have appropriate and inappropriate points, money does not mean necessarily appropriate for less money is also not necessarily value is low; and whether investors understand the game industry.

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