Children’s marketing war transformation from price to quality

comprehensive two child policy, not only to the mother and baby market has once again signs of prosperity, but also to the children’s wear market impact. The future of children’s shoes marketing will continue to heat up, play a decisive role in the competition, is no longer the price, but the quality of the shoes.

The market prospects for the development of

"details determine the success or failure of ancient words exactly, this also is the magic weapon of success in foreign enterprises. China’s footwear enterprises in research and development, the details of the consideration is not comprehensive enough. For example: Children’s sandals in front of a lot of exposed, sports shoes surface looks very thin, which gives a serious impact on the safety of children. Foreign brands of product design is very thick, full, high security. In addition, most of the domestic shoes are concentrated version of adult shoes, and adult shoes are not much difference. The foreign children’s shoes are mainly based on the soft foot, foot is very comfortable to take full account of the child’s safety. Therefore, children’s shoes industry in the future development process, to the health of children, comfort shoes, materials and functional details in the first place, the shoe and shoe last previous is a condensed version of adult shoes, this situation has become the past, has nothing to do with the children’s consumer market demand, in the future in the production and there should be more innovative in marketing.

The development of our country’s

for entrepreneurs, whether to have entered the children’s shoes sales field or manufacturing field, have pay attention to the quality of the shoes. With the gradual improvement of the quality and brand recognition of Chinese consumers, a double high quality recommendation

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