How entrepreneurship this year inventory 2014 venture capital trends

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, in the new year, many investors are not ready to, want in the new year, to create new business opportunities?

1. by real estate off-season effect, Home Furnishing building materials projects concern cooling, but has the actual effect of the treatment of functional health care products popular;

2. project is still mostly catering entrepreneurs sought popular continued catering projects;

3. changed the traditional service industry to the new modern service industry, the service industry will usher in the golden period of development.
  July 3rd, China Cuisine Association announced that China’s catering industry scale in 2011 for the first time exceeded 2 trillion yuan mark, an increase of 16.9%. Low starting point of investment, the risk of small catering industry has been the focus of attention of investors, which is highly sought after food and beverage items.


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