How small cigarette retailers operate cigarettes

investors operating conditions, the operating area of the store will naturally have a great difference. In the cigarette retail market, the small cigarette retail households is the largest number of cigarette operators in a group. The following author on the combination of small business characteristics to talk about their business management.

small business characteristics

these small customers vitality is very strong, and has a distinct operating characteristics:

small store size, shop for a long time

most of these customers belong to this type of grocery store, the store is generally small, mainly to operate the Department of alcohol and tobacco, shop time in more than three years.

has fixed customers to buy cigarettes

this kind of "small customer" distribution of a wide range, out of convenience and safety considerations, customers generally prefer to buy cigarettes to a fixed store. In the long run, these stores have a part of the relatively fixed customer.

working capital is low, the amount of stock is little, the variety of cigarette is little, the stock is small

because these sales ability is limited, less funds and poor turnover, so the weekly purchase amount is generally less than 30, in order to reduce the occupation of limited funds, the "number of sales of" cigarette inventory strategy, very few.

sales of cigarettes in order to "package" as the unit, the retail price is in place

this kind of customer the entire sale of the situation is less, mostly the strip cigarette open by package sales, the price is also strictly in accordance with the retail price of tobacco companies.

"small customer" business road

for small customers with operating characteristics, combined with the actual work, the author summarizes the following three points of the operation of small customers:

display cigarette

in accordance with local conditions

due to the small customer store area is small, and the sales of tobacco varieties, may not like shopping malls, supermarkets and other large customers that display generous counter to cigarette display, so small customers to combine their actual situation, can put the cigarette to save space by using a simple stereo display method. Special attention is paid to the cigarette display surface to be cleaned regularly to maintain a clean and orderly display of cigarettes.

integrity management, expanding its fixed customer base

fixed customer base

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