Midnight car wash can be a business opportunity

now has a private car, go to regular maintenance is more and more, and the number of car owners with more and more large, car beauty business of the business is more and more fierce competition in the industry brings at the same time, there are some people fret, because the day won’t have time to clean, while Zhao Qiushi held such opportunities, opened a midnight taxi car wash, did not expect to do is booming!

Although only one night

in the voice of Taiwan propaganda, the evening of the second day, some taxi drivers have to wash the car, Zhao Qiushi took a total of 15 cars, earned 150 yuan of money, tired backaches. Later, he was too busy to recruit 6 workers.

with the car wash business reputation, Zhao Qiushi more and more fire. Once, a "brother" see Zhao Qiushi and his staff were too busy, simply hit a bucket of water, picked up his own rags to wash up. After washing the car, he paid to Zhao Qiushi, according to the cost of water and electricity, according to the half of the price of the other side received $5.

it gave him great inspiration. Later, he simply introduced self-service car wash mode, the taxi driver himself, he provides all car wash equipment, only half price. As a result, there is no longer waiting for a long queue waiting for the car wash. Many drivers have said that the opening of a car, the use of car wash time activities are also good body.

2007 at the beginning of the year, Zhao Qiushi also launched a package of a variety of services, such as preferential combination, such as cleaning, polishing wax

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