Underwear briefs big market opportunities

in fact, in our side, business opportunities are not lacking, we just need to be good at finding the eyes. In June 2010, Xie Meiyuan took out 20 thousand yuan of money she and her husband saved, opened a company called "matsuni couples private laundry" boutique in Guangzhou, some major retail T-shirts, lovers’suits etc..

  in August 16, 2003, Xie Meiyuan advertised in the doorway: "this shop today launched a grand" fashion cool "– love her (him), to her (him) custom couple underwear!" She also put some of the pre made couple underwear in front of the shop conspicuous place. Many men and women went to the shop door, even if it does not go in, but also stop to watch. Many boys could not help shouting: "Wow! There was such underwear, cool!"

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