nnovation and entrepreneurship in Zhejiang hot

now the country are promoting innovation and entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship at the same time also is not just a slogan of the society, in many places a slogan that has been some practice, innovation is like a raging fire in Zhejiang recently.

the innovation torch has been lit, how to revitalize the innovation resources, stimulate innovation and entrepreneurial vitality, mobilize public enthusiasm for innovation and entrepreneurship, how to market activities and social creativity released to promote the level of productivity to a new level, opening up new space, expand new horizons, make innovation and entrepreneurship Liaoyuanzhishi formed in the flame the land of Zhejiang has become a hot topic. July 23rd, held in the first half of Zhejiang science and technology innovation forum, the office of science and technology in Zhejiang Province, the Secretary of the people described a rush of public entrepreneurship, innovation and innovation of the times.

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