Students can share the secrets of success

college students entrepreneurship is not uncommon, many college students want to start a business. And college students to succeed in business, but also need to experience a variety of hone. Not every college students are successful, how to succeed in college students? This small share for the success of entrepreneurship students!

Business secrets, the accumulation of knowledge of college students

entrepreneurship tips two, pragmatic

Business secrets

innovation of College Students

self entrepreneurship tips

heard too many "entrepreneurial failure flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum" experience, today’s graduates have entrepreneurial ideas, but the practice is less. In 2004 the Shanghai University JA business planning in the finals, the players have shown their business plan, but even the first prize winner also said his plan is "fantasy", in recent years will not consider entrepreneurship. While the judges that his work is the most operational of all participants. Experts believe that the reason for this phenomenon lies in the innovative spirit of the students have confidence in their ability, and entrepreneurship is the need for passion and confidence.

Business secrets

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