Xi’an District Employment for the entrepreneurial population to build a high speed road

although China now has a lot of preferential policies on entrepreneurship employment, however, if there is no communication channels in the middle, many entrepreneurs are also difficult to embark on such a path. To this end, the Xi’an District of Liaoyuan to build a new job venture to build a high-speed road, which meets the needs of more people start employment.

, "I’ve been out of school for a year and haven’t found the right job. Thanks to the spring action in the area, let me find a suitable position." Recently, referring to the spring action, Liaoyuan District, Xi’an lighthouse Township Golden Village Qiao Zhiwei said with emotion.

Qiao Zhiwei is one of the beneficiaries of the Xi’an spring action special recruitment. In a month of activities, the region’s 82 companies to provide a total of 2310 jobs. Only active month, on the reception of 4586 job seekers, the site reached the employment intentions of the people of the 1503, set up a high-speed employment for the entrepreneurial team".

this year, Xi’an District continue to adhere to the people’s livelihood, personnel working thread priority, and vigorously promote employment and entrepreneurship, strengthen the basic work, promoting reform, make a short board, bottom line, anti risk, and promote the region’s employment and entrepreneurship innovation development. In the work, the relevant departments to implement the employment policy, employment and give full play to the role of the joint meeting, perfect organization system employment work duties, vertical linkage, improve the assessment mechanism, the implementation of the tasks to promote employment and entrepreneurship.

at the same time, to improve business services, promote entrepreneurship as a key content of different groups, have organized "entrepreneurship and promote employment promotion month" "entrepreneurial project promotion" and "employment assistance month" college graduates employment service month "and" private enterprise recruitment week "and other special activities.

in addition, will further strengthen the town (Village), the construction of community employment and social security platform standardization, strengthening employment assistance, the fallback placement employment service, improve the quality of. Actively coordinate and promote the construction of Liaoyuan Vocational Technical College, "government + school + enterprise collaborative development alliance, planning the construction of Liaoyuan Innovation Park students, make it become the training base of incubators, science and technology enterprise science and technology talents. Actively support migrant workers to return home to start their own businesses, and vigorously cultivate migrant workers return home entrepreneurship base, promote the transfer of rural labor employment.

with the relevant government staff to do more in place, I believe a great impetus for the development of the business district of Xi’an will not only solve the employment career, more and more people worry, let local economic development to a greater degree.

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