Xi’an partnership venture up to 500 thousand loan

now is a very good start period, every place are tried every way to entrepreneurial activities in Xi’an, in order to further promote the settlement of the problem of local employment, to promote entrepreneurship introduced many new policies.

"opinions" to encourage employment in the field of electronic business, the industrial and commercial registration network business practitioners, can enjoy the same policy to support the employment and entrepreneurship. Not registered in the industrial and commercial network practitioners, can be identified as flexible employment, and enjoy flexible employment support policies.

will small loans adjusted for business loans, the maximum loan amount is 100 thousand yuan. In accordance with the provisions of the independent entrepreneurial personnel, according to the provisions of the venture capital loan institutions to apply for loans. For those who meet the conditions of the partnership and organized employment, the maximum limit of not more than 500 thousand yuan.

take student loans for graduates can also apply for job subsidies

to receive unemployment insurance compensation recommended

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