Lei Jun tells you about his entrepreneurial career

said Lei Jun, many people are not familiar with, after all, it is not a political figure, not entertainment figures, but if you talk about millet, it is almost like thunder, don’t know is probably the real out, and Lei Jun precisely this brand pioneer. The following Xiaobian to introduce you to Lei Jun entrepreneurial career!

of Lei, "millet" is very important in his occupation career, "this is the last thing in my life after all!"

8 16, Lei Jun in Beijing Art District D-Park square released millet mobile phone two.

A night of

2011 year, in the roll stone world building 12 floor office, he casually said: "I joined in January 4, 1992, resigned in December 24, 2007, a total difference of ten day, just 16 years."

2011 July 7th, Kingsoft Lei Jun announced the replacement of Qiu Baijun as chairman, Qiu Baijun, because of health reasons will be retired after six months. December 2007, just two months after the listing of Jinshan issued a statement, Lei Jun because of health reasons, resigned as president and CEO.

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