The rich history of the queen bee

health is modern people increasingly advocated, so people pay more and more attention to health, more and more attention to health, honey as health care quality supplements, nature is more and more popular, the following may wish to go take a look at the Queen’s rich history!

, in 2006 graduated from the Economics Department of University of Cambridge. First in Africa to carry out the sustainable development of the project, in 2008, founded in Shangri-La, Yunnan farm, the production of pure natural honey. Shangri-La farms help farmers to install beehives and pack and sell honey. She believes that business is a powerful weapon to deal with poverty".

I hope to help women get rich

"doubt their eyes, very excited. Because you can make money." Just started to introduce the farmers when beekeeping project, the villagers here some hesitation, but not before she imagined occlusion. "They watch TV, and they know that many people are making money out of the mountains. They are also eager to make money."

delta > let work experience.

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