Several projects suitable for College Students

now many graduates will choose their own businesses, business words should also pay attention to many places, blind entrepreneurship may take a lot of choices, start the first step is to choose a good project, good project is half, today Xiaobian to collect a few more suitable for college students entrepreneurship the project for your reference.

college students entrepreneurship project recommendation: planning innovative creative field

creative economy involves advertising, architecture, art, industrial design, fashion design, film, music, publishing, software, television broadcasting and other fields. In recent years, the rapid rise of Shanghai’s creative industries, creative industries accounted for about 7.5% of GDP, and the emergence of a number of distinctive creative industry base.

creative entrepreneurship has magical effect of the particular itself is not able to perform wonders, too many resources of entrepreneurs, to get all kinds of resources through the unique ideas, including capital and talent. In addition, students with a certain degree of innovation, in-service staff is also suitable for the choice of such a flexible way of entrepreneurship.

recommend business opportunities: wedding planning, marketing hype, advertising design, fashion design, etc..

college students entrepreneurial projects recommended two: shop area

college students, on the one hand, can make full use of the University’s student customer resources; on the other hand, due to familiar with the consumption habits of peers, so easy entry. Is due to take the student route, so rely on cheap to attract customers. In addition, because of the limited funds, can not choose lots of lively stores, it is particularly important to promote the work, often in the campus and community liaison office or post advertising activities, can well known.

recommend business opportunities: restaurants, coffee houses, hair salons, stationery shops, bookstores, etc., in or around the university.

college students entrepreneurial projects recommended three: intelligence services

intelligence is the capital of college students, in the field of intellectual service entrepreneurship, college students. For example, family education is very suitable for college students entrepreneurship, on the one hand, this is the traditional channels of college work study, has accumulated rich experience; on the other hand, college students can make full use of educational resources, and more easily earn first pot of gold". This kind of intellectual service business project cost is low, a table, a telephone can be opened.

recommend business opportunities: tutor, tutor intermediary, design studio, translation office, etc..

college students entrepreneurial projects recommended four: franchise field

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