Braised chicken Steamed Rice lygo price to make money fast

what kind of food and beverage franchise, you can only rely on a dish will be able to fire all over North and south? As a Chinese fast food chain star, braised chicken Steamed Rice took about a year to almost all over the country, the limelight without the two.

projectBraised chicken with

product features

– fresh meat tender taste good and smooth

– rich flavor juice sauce


– arcane to cook authentic flavor

feeding accuracy, the ingredients are required to strictly pass under the pot. Pot body stress, must be used in the production of Jiangsu Yixing casserole, can not use metal utensils. Pay attention to cooking, making each chicken weight not more than 2 pounds of food, to ensure that the proportion of. Fire work stress, a production time of not more than 6 minutes, to ensure that fresh meat.

3 days to learn 10 days shop     fast back to this month easily earn $50 thousand

brand more, but the sale of the store dishes are a dish with a meal, the price of 16 yuan. According to one of the owners responsible for the introduction, yellow braised chicken rice, the reason why the rapid expansion, mainly a lot of people see the business opportunities.

"make a yellow chicken stew Steamed Rice profit at around 7 dollars, simple, easy to learn." The boss said, as long as spend half a day, you can learn how to make yellow chicken stew rice, in fact, the material used are the same, there is a difference in the use of spices."

in white near the dam, there is a "product family" braised chicken Steamed Rice. More than and 20 square meters of shops every day at noon business is very hot, queuing time of at least 15 to 20 minutes. Don’t look small, but very profitable. The boss gave reporters calculations, deduct rent, staff salaries and costs, a

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