How to resolve medical disputes in Xiamen construction of the five in one adjustment mechanism

in our daily life, although the wounded is a doctor, but about medical disputes is staged continuously. At present, medical disputes frequently become a hot topic, the whole society has become difficult to untie the knot. Xiamen city Jimei District People’s court to actively explore and promote the construction of "five in one" medical dispute adjustment mechanism, to multiple ways and channels to resolve disputes, to build a harmonious doctor-patient relationship, obvious effect, affirmed by the parties.

Medical disputes

transfer mechanisms, "five in one" refers to the relevant departments to strengthen the linkage, seamless, through mediation between doctors and patients, insurance mediation, administrative mediation and people’s mediation, court mediation and other five kinds of forms, the medical disputes in a timely manner to resolve in the bud, do not dispute the "small hospital, dispute out of court."

it is reported that as early as November 2011, Xiamen District of Jimei city court court Xinglin start creating the country’s first non litigation medical district in the first hospital of Xiamen City Xinglin branch". In May 2014, the court combined Xinglin Kyorin Street comprehensive management office, judicial offices, police stations, District Legal Aid Center, the people’s mediation committee, district medical disputes the first hospital of Xiamen City Xinglin branch, property insurance Xiamen branch and other eight units of construction of "five in one" doctor-patient dispute mediation mechanism.

2016 in August, the Jimei court will "five in one" medical dispute resolution mechanism is extended to the region of Jimei, from the office of Jimei District Committee for comprehensive management of social management of Xiamen City, Xiamen City, Jimei District People’s court, Xiamen District of Jimei city health and Family Planning Bureau, Xiamen City Bureau of justice, the United States District of Xiamen insurance industry associations and other units jointly build medical dispute mediation mechanism, unified treatment of cases of medical disputes, into the proceedings of the medical dispute cases concentrated under the jurisdiction of Xinglin court, specialized in promoting trial.

Jimei court also by exploring the establishment of pretrial identification system, expert assistance system, insurance agencies to promote full participation in mediation and other dispute mediation system, shorten the cycle, to minimize the burdens of parties, promote the reasonable settlement of disputes.

how to resolve disputes between doctors and patients? Through the above reports we can see that the Xiamen construction of the "five in one" adjustment mechanism for the settlement of medical disputes of significant effect. According to statistics, since 2011, the first hospital of Xiamen City Xinglin branch there were 55 cases of medical dispute mediation, all together, no medical disputes after judgment, not involved in medical disputes petition events, no case into execution, and the hospital medical disputes decreased year by year, "five in one" medical dispute the resolving mechanism with remarkable results.

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