Ten million in ten years was actually made by selling rural women’s real cow twist

in this big world, a variety of things happen every day, there are negative things that make you frustrated, there are positive things full of positive energy. In order to give entrepreneurs more positive energy transfer, the whole network here today to share a valuable entrepreneurial story, the story of rural women by selling twist earn millions of year.

back to Yantai, she began to work. She asked the pastry chef, his repeated experiments, the taste has been quite good, but she still think it is not ideal, decided to go to Beijing to find expert research formula.

the formula, how to open the shop? How can I sell? How chain? How to join? A junior high school graduates to the bookstore to find a lot of books on the operating point of view, from books on the study of KFC, McDonald’s and the famous Chinese restaurant chain management. Her husband laughed at her idea You still want to heaven!"

2004 in March, strong opposition from her husband and family, full of bitter Liu Weihong at the Yantai University around the Laishan food market, opened the first shop together with the twist of her dreams, named "hongxiang".

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