Jiangxi launched the venture capital loans up to 4 million yuan


in the entire business process, for entrepreneurs, capital is a very important part, have an adequate supply of funds is a very important thing for entrepreneurial ultimate success, and now the government is trying to help entrepreneurs solve problems.

to encourage individual business transformation for enterprises, Jiangxi Province recently issued on the implementation of the views put forward, will make small loans adjusted for business loans, the first two individual entrepreneurship, support and partnership enterprises and labor-intensive small enterprises to provide 100 thousand yuan to 4 million yuan different amount of business loans.

recently introduced the "Jiangxi province to vigorously promote public entrepreneurship peoples innovation put forward some policy advice", will make small loans adjusted for business loans, individual entrepreneurial loans for the maximum amount of 100 thousand yuan; to meet the two conditions to support the personal loans, the maximum limit of 300 thousand yuan; of partnership and organized business loan, the maximum limit of 500 thousand yuan; of labor-intensive small businesses (promoting employment base), the maximum loan limit of 4 million yuan.


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