How to achieve the career of laid off women workers

with the transformation of the economic structure of our country, the traditional extensive economy is trying to develop in the direction of intensive economy, which is also   it will inevitably increase the number of laid-off workers. So, how to get a new life? How to win   a new career? Next, the small series will bring you a laid-off workers to achieve a career story!

red was originally a Dongguan garment factory workers, but in recent years the garment industry downturn, the factory in a red   time of merger is acquired, and she also laid off. Because there is no other technology, only pick up the red package   all returned to the countryside home. While the little red face is sad, the cousin came to the door, said to be   have a job introduced to Xiao hong.


soon, half a year past, Alice has grown from a laid-off workers, successfully transformed into a Shakespeare brand underwear BWE consulting with   the union shop owner, although every day is very busy, but the monthly income can million yuan, so profit is   the little red in the business shop how did not dare to think of things before, but now it has become true, small   hearts are very pleased,   small rural businesses brand underwear store BWE consulting Shakespeare gave her riches; and her deep feeling, when God closes a door, will open a window for you. Unemployment is not terrible,   rural small business can also get rich.

red from the above story, we are not difficult to see, in fact, as long as you work hard, as long as you can seize the opportunity,   people can build a career, everyone can have a!