Suzhou Hefei prices rise economists look at how big the price of

for a period of time ago, Nanjing, Suzhou, Hefei, three crazy growth in prices, many people have expressed special surprise. So, for such a phenomenon, our economists are how to look at it? The following and Xiaobian together to understand!

held yesterday in the current China and Jiangsu real estate situation judgment and development forum, the recent Nanjing (real estate), Suzhou (real estate) and other places of the property market trend has become the focus of attention of experts attending the meeting.

economist, Academy of urban and rural economic development department director Chen Huai believes that this round of price increases is suppressed in previous years, demand gradually released, from the national property market overall, is still in the pile up in excess of requirement pattern of the market.

Chen Huai, Nanjing, Suzhou, Hefei (real estate), the city housing prices although larger, but not what the overall pattern still get excited over a little thing, housing prices should not pile up in excess of requirement, like a swarm of bees is concentrated in a second tier city "staking".

for the market is not subject to regulation, Chen Huai believes that the overall real estate market is still stable and healthy, as for the future, "who can ensure that the health of people will not get sick, do not need to take medicine?"

Nanjing, Suzhou, Hefei house prices rose, but according to economist Chen Huai’s view, the overall real estate is still healthy and stable! Do you have any different views on this? Have your home prices gone up?

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