How do you make a profit

in the vicinity of the District opened a cake shop, do not put too much cost, with a good business skills. What are the business models of the pastry shop? How much do you invest in the pastry shop? How about the rewards? Today, we bring together to analyze.

1. product price positioning is relatively low compared to some of the decoration, that makes customers feel value for money. Such positioning is more conducive to financial constraints, there is no rapid expansion planning investors.

2. product price positioning and store decoration grades coincide, such positioning is conducive to brand building, suitable for high-end stores.

a track of the small cake shop, usually will receive daily for at least 120 consumers, calculated by 5 yuan per capita consumption, daily turnover was 600 yuan, the monthly turnover of up to 21 thousand yuan, excluding the cost of shop monthly net profit of nearly 10 thousand yuan. If the initial investment of 70 thousand yuan, the second half can recover the cost of starting earnings. For the capital adequacy, attention to the size of the effect of investors, although to bear a greater risk, and once the brand chain channels open, but also immeasurable development.

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