Mainly look at the temperament of the current service personnel temperament should be like this two

in addition to the contents of this share, there are many worthy of us to learn the points, let us continue to share the following, the current service staff should be the second part of the temperament.

language – Hello

1, 30 degree bow;

2, keep smile and eye contact;

3, volume, tone: three meters can be clearly heard;

4 guest distance 2 meters, the staff should be ready to say hello; distance of 1.5 meters to bow to say hello;

5, with the words: "hello!" If you know the name and position of the guest, "Mr. X, hello!" Or "X total, hello!".

language – language

1, need to avoid the place

without feedbackNo

eye contact


2, can not say the words


3, become a good listener

– service honorific language

1, greetings: hello / good morning / afternoon / evening.

2, ask: can I help you? May I serve the dishes? Can you clean the room?

3, yes, yes / yes / right away.

4, sorry: I’m sorry / sorry / it’s an oversight of our work.

5, thank you: Thank you for your compliment / thank you for your advice / thank you for your cooperation.

6 directions: this way please take the elevator / toilet from here.


1, men generally said Mr., unmarried lady called miss, married woman called wife.

2, unable to confirm whether the married Western woman, no matter how old, only miss.


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