Zhao Bin’s business

successfully opened a shop, often require operators to master a lot of business skills. The operator in the cause of the long-term development process, will naturally continue to sum up. So, how can we successfully open a smoke Hotel? Next, let Xiaobian with everyone to know about Zhao Bin’s business, to see how he did it.

supermarket is located in Jinzhou City, Liaoning province and Luoyang Road, cigarette shop business has more than 10 years of history, for a long time with the integrity of return customers, sincerely touched by customers, cultivate a large number of loyal consumer groups. The reporter as an ordinary customer manager of Jinzhou tobacco companies and the supermarket owners have had many contacts and deeply for its unique vision and business model to attract, following on the supermarket owners entrepreneurial process and experience are summarized as follows:

abandon winery superior work on the road to entrepreneurship.

owner Zhao Bin school after graduation assigned to the Jinzhou light of twenty-five wineries, easy work, high wages for the day drink, entertainment, work at a loss, this is a day of life. After half a day he and a drink and talk about relatives for the thing, just the relatives of a cigarette operators, so under the help and drive the relatives began operating cigarette career. They had to ask the sales of cigarettes to smoke, bulk sales have been to the city banned smoke shop business process, this process for the day after the shop business from both popularity and experience have laid a good foundation.

shop address selection stress:

frontage. To choose a busy street, a large stream of people, which will ensure the flow of passengers.

close to entertainment or hospital. This will help the sale of high-grade cigarettes in order to protect the maximization of profits.

front door to be able to stop vehicles. If you can not stop at any location that will lose a large number of customers, it is essential to stop the vehicle.

allow the location of tobacco and liquor supermarket is the most prosperous Luoyang Jinzhou Road, surrounded by more hotels and next door is the hospital.

spent last year’s money to sell this year’s goods:

with the improvement of people’s living standard for alcohol and other products grade consumption level also constantly improve, high-grade Chinese and Yuxi cigarette; Moutai, Wuliangye, Jiannanchun wine increasingly favored by consumers. Zhao Bin saw an opportunity, but also saw some of the items the rising price trend, he will be low in Moutai liquor prices and then purchased a large number of retail price increase was in accordance with the original zero > in prices of other retail customers

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