What are the names of the car wash shop skills

now no matter what business venture, if you want to attract more consumers, it is necessary to do a good job in all aspects of the work. At the same time, an appropriate name will also be very important, this will involve some skills of the shop name. So, what are the names of car washing techniques? Let me see small series of.

a stylish and creative car wash, of course, can not be separated from the name of the name of its skills, the following is a small series of car washing shop for the name of the skills, look at it.

1, by name car wash shop named

business fashion store, popular film and television works are often used, such as spicy love soup, meteor garden, Be There Or Be Square etc……. An operating jade jewelry chain stores, independent, from "a dream of Red Mansions" borrowed "stone" as a name, which suits the management of goods, chic and simple. In the same way, there is a Wuchang South Road operating a bamboo charcoal products store, sell charcoal Weng, named after Bai Juyi poetry, impressive. The door with a statue of charcoal to sell the statue, but also to bring a lot of popularity shop.

2, creative car wash shop named

Wuchang uprising road "between the duck shop" by Stephen Chow, "the deer" in the "inn" plot, people can not help but smile. Kunming Mingtong mall after the "tonight" restaurant, quite well known in the local. "Let’s have dinner together tonight."" "Just for tonight"…… To become a unique landscape friends dinner.

3, homophonic car wash shop named


class name clever use of homophones make people smile, such as "Brown Nan Hai", "new society", "food taste" and "cool kids" etc.. In order to attract the attention of customers, the owner can be well intentioned. However, this kind of name not all customers buy. Such as Chongqing, Zhongshan four road, a taste of the hot pot shop, due to the homonym Pesticide Dichlorvos, it caused a lot of public resentment. Therefore, this kind of name is mainly applicable to the target population for unconventional young people to accept a relatively high degree of shops.

4, funny car wash shop named

casual name from inadvertently ridicule one, often let people find everything fresh and new. Such as a "casual" clothing store, impressive. The shopkeeper said, taking the name of what no special meaning, just for fun. However, it is often said when signs, inadvertently but revealed a novel, let a person suddenly remember the name.

"when a restaurant", "wrong door snacks" people want to go on a swing, when ">

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