How to stabilize the pharmacy customers

is now open pharmacy investors are very much, if you can not grasp the relevant skills, it is difficult to stabilize the source, the development of the business will naturally be very detrimental pharmacy. So, how to stabilize the pharmacy customers? Let Xiaobian for your simple analysis of it.

, he opened a pharmacy, business, business is good, but with the passage of time, the customer gradually less. When working in the previous Mina chain pharmacies have many regular customers, but their shop customers always unstable. Mina think: there must be a problem what.

yes, I encountered a problem of instability in the open shop, which is very common for single pharmacy, let us look at.

for monomer pharmacies, causing instability in the following reasons:

no brand advantage

monomer pharmacies are weak, customer trust of single pharmacy degree and partial drugstore chain because of its certain brand influence, people feel at ease. Say simply, is that customers do not think the chain pharmacies do not have, and the single pharmacy once the operation is not good may be closed at any time, there is no guarantee. Therefore, customers do not worry too in the monomer pharmacies, only single pharmacy will operate a long time accumulation of more and more old customers.

no membership system


most of the monomer pharmacies do not like chain pharmacies do membership cards, one is the high cost, two is no time to maintain, the customer information into the computer will take time. Most of the monomer pharmacies and no membership system, so it is difficult to do affiliate marketing.

less value-added services

in general, whether it is a chain of pharmacies or single pharmacy, most customers can do for free blood pressure measurement, but the other value-added services monomer pharmacies less. Customers can enjoy other services, such as Kara, union shop member discounts, free health magazine.

In fact, in order to allow more customers into the store, you need to give customers a reason to shop, that is, the need to create more value for customers, so that customers into the store not only in order to buy medicine, but also gain more

. Therefore, the monomer pharmacies want to increase and stabilize the passenger flow, can be from the following aspects:

1, to provide more free services

in addition to the regular free blood pressure, should also be carried out free activities. For example, measure blood sugar and bone density, simple physical therapy, free weight, free distribution of medical journals, such as "public health", "family doctor", "parents must read"

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