Yao Ming into the hall of fame as the first person Chinese Howard he was elected is deserved

Yao Ming into the hall of fame as the first person in China, is a happy thing, in the first to congratulate Yao Ming. At the same time, the Rockets center also expressed congratulations: he deserved selected resistance!


NCAA four will, in Houston at the weekend during this period, NBA will be officially announced this year’s Hall of fame list, because of their impact on the development of NBA in Chinese, Yao Ming won the fame International Committee directly nominated successfully selected.

in that Yao Ming Hall of fame after the news, the Rockets center Howard also feel very happy. "At any time, when you are in this sport, you will eventually want to be in the hall after the end of your career, so in my opinion, this is a great achievement." Howard said, "I am glad to see Yao Ming, his occupation career shortened because of injuries, I feel very sad, but can become a member of the hall of fame, this is definitely a very influential honor."

"Yao Ming is Yao Ming, you must focus on" Chinese the Great Wall "to form a team." Howard said.

in career, Howard and Yao Ming played 9 times, which led only Warcraft to get 2 wins 7 of the negative record, in the two match, Yao Ming overwhelmingly, he faced Howard averaged 23.6 points and 10.4 rebounds and 2.1 blocked shots, shooting 56.1%, while Howard faced Yao Ming field can only get 12.2 points and 9.8 rebounds and 1.7 blocked shots, shooting 45.1%.

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