What is the reason why the cattle do not choose to start a business

is now undertaking tide lift very rapidly, but there are also many expert still choose to stay in their own third of an acre, not willing to venture. In fact, if they go to business, it will have more advantages than ordinary people. So what makes them choose not to start a business? Come together to find the answer.

A.  invested 100 yuan, there is a probability that you can get a $100 thousand · and the probability of 99% you will lose all your possessions: $100

B.  you can put a good 100 yuan in your pocket, there is a probability of 99% you can get $5000, $100 or your.

Most people believe that the choice of

?In fact, most of

In fact, this is the primary cause of

In fact, many expert

expert entrepreneurial opportunity cost, in fact, much higher than ordinary people.

like like the beginning of the selection of similar questions, even the same starting point, 100 yuan, B ordinary people are likely to get a 99% chance, 10 yuan, 20 yuan, not to take the risk anyway to bitter force, rather than fight. The choice of cattle is 99% chance to get $5000 ah.

expert not choose second reasons for entrepreneurship, >

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