What flavor cooked food investment margin

in China business people up, but among them there are a large part of some experience and no cost of entrepreneurs, because they have nothing, so you can go, but one can not eat fat, not dry can do poineering work, as can be successful. Need to step by step slowly, for this type of project investors are more suitable for the venture is a small investment type. The development and changes in the food industry in recent years, countless entrepreneurs who want to engage in small cooked food business opportunities. The food chain which brand is good? As a member of thousands of cooked food brands, good margin of cooked food, carefully selected each kind of raw materials, production process and standardization, visible operation mode, so that consumers enjoy healthy food without any additives at a time.

to join in the cooked food, good taste, a very influential brand of cooked food. The country has 2100 franchisees, a total of seven series more than and 100 products, divided into taste flavor, spicy, incense lo, four flavors, and cooked Lucai names are according to the three countries in the influential man named, is a cultural atmosphere, in the food industry inside Lucai is very good brand, received the attention of the majority of investors and entrepreneurs, good margin is committed to the establishment of food Lucai hundred years brand mission, leading the new trend of catering, the pursuit of a more brilliant future struggle!

How about

investment margin of cooked flavor?

good margin join advantage analysis:

investment small: ten thousand yuan investment, more than 5 square meters to open a shop, large, medium city standard store 5-8 million enough.

fewer people: 1-2 people can shop, a small degree of fatigue, greatly reducing the cost of wages in human resources.

variety: Twelve series, more than 100 specialty products, and no longer difficult to let diners.

Market: one billion and three hundred million people will eat each meal characteristic lo, huge market, the off-season, there is a good market.

good location: more than 5 square meters can be set up shop, site selection standards, low rents, large profit margins.

low threshold: no age limit, thousands of yuan can learn characteristics of Gulixiang and other food technology.

brand: regular registered trademarks, well-known brands, unified store, standard service.

support large: strong technology research and development team, to provide a full range of support, shop guidance, happy to make money.


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