The things that Wang Lifen started

there are so many women make men are strange enough, their courageous sense more courage, a few days before the TV host is to say the Wang Lifen story in the CCTV, when the host is good, she is another founder of the road network video, such as this has been a successful food media. A listen to those things about her business.


meter net not only celebrities playing card

it is understood that Wang Lifen is the famous CCTV host, once in the "Oriental Horizon", "focus" and "investigative journalism" to do five years of investigative journalist, founder of the "dialogue" column, founder of the restoration of economic channel "economic information network" and became the first chief producer when. In 2009, Wang Lifen resigned from the CCTV office, in 2010 founded the network television quality rice network.

founded the initial focus of quality rice network hit "celebrity auction time" brand, the giant network CEO Shi Yuzhu, Li Kaifu CEO, innovation works NLVC director Deng Feng, eCapital CEO ran Wang, Dunhuang network CEO Wang Shutong, CISCO Chinese vice chairman Lin Zhenggang and other famous people invited to the quality rice network program, sometimes attract industry many eyes.

however, in use "known quality rice network marketing to attract eyeballs, suffered a rapid decline, questioned the flow pattern is difficult to innovation. CCTV’s "entrepreneur godmother", facing the biggest problem in the early stage of the business model.

in this regard, Wang Lifen said that since January last year until now, although the quality rice network is always in balance, but the flow has been on the rise. Wang Lifen believes that celebrity is a very important media resources, is a model for young people aspire. But the meter net can not rely on celebrity. "Our website is not a celebrity selling website. More important is to serve young people employment, entrepreneurship website." Wang Lifen said, quality rice network will also launch many services, including career development, employment, entrepreneurship, innovation and other content services to young people.

Wang Lifen believes the quality rice network and Youku, potatoes and other video sites are very different, not to compete in a field, Youku, is to spend money to buy traffic to sell advertising model. Is a homemade video quality rice network, so far not bought any video.


Youku latest one quarter net loss of $7 million 100 thousand, potatoes, cool 6 burn but is hard to change the situation, but enough to feed their own quality rice network. The current meter net made video can show on the Internet, you can also provide a local TV station. One meter net "on the road" was broadcast on 35 television stations, the cost of obtaining enough quality rice network staff.

entrepreneurship is a year of great understanding of life

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