Jiangxi college students to start business institutions 882

now there are many places in the establishment of a series of business organizations actively, the purpose is to further promote people’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm, give people a good entrepreneurial learning environment, but also by the whole society welcome.

10 9, learned from the Provincial Department of education, innovation and entrepreneurship education in Colleges and universities in Jiangxi province has made new breakthroughs, the specialized teaching of colleges and universities to establish innovative institutions across the province reached 167, the province’s colleges and universities have 2800 Community College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial College Students founded the machine reached 882, the first half of this year to create economic benefits 160 million yuan.

in now the public business period, Jiangxi college founded a business organization so much is actually a very helps people to start things, at the same time in the future, there will be more and more entrepreneurs to venture.


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