Hester Carnival held seven highlights anticipated

With the development of economy and the development of the tourism industry, more and more people begin to fall in love with this meaningful activity of tourism.

. The new Carnival will be held in Fuzhou, attracted the attention of countless people, Carnival of many elements of Fuzhou also attracted the attention of everyone, let us take a look at the following!

2016 Hayes international tourism Carnival will be held November 12th -14 at the Convention and Exhibition center. As an important part of the second Maritime Silk Road (Fuzhou) International Tourism Festival, the total area of the carnival will be more than 40 thousand square meters. It is reported that this carnival will highlight many elements of Fuzhou.

the carnival to enjoy the carnival poly Hester paradise "as the theme, into the international fashion, science and technology, tourism, and other characteristics, including eating, living, travel, shopping and entertainment and other functions, build tourism exchanges and cooperation platform hayes. The carnival with the characteristic of tourism, strengthen the interactive experience, outstanding international, regional, Hester and Fuzhou elements, will also showcase the scenic spots around the world, Turisthotellet, transportation industry, folk customs and local delicacy, characteristics of famous tourism resources and products, and a series of Sino foreign tourism promotion, product and sale of all kinds of interactive activities colorful, with massive Huimin welfare for the public.

learned. The carnival will show seven highlights:

first, multi national beauty, enjoy the exotic. As of now, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, the Spain, Australia, South Korea, UAE, Jordan, Thailand and many other countries will join the well-known tourist attractions in the carnival, let you out of Fuzhou, enjoy beauty, enjoy multi style.

second, science and technology to allow tourism to fly. During the carnival, you can get into touch with the latest achievements of science and technology and tourism. In the International Pavilion and the Fuzhou Pavilion, are dedicated to the VR experience zone, wearing VR glasses, you can personally experience the real scenery of foreign islands or Fuzhou scenery everywhere.

third, local tourism stars Zhengyan, a beauty gift collection station. In the image of Fuzhou Museum and the Fujian province of the tourism scenic spots and tourism enterprises around the exhibition booth, magnificent, various gifts emerge in an endless stream of * *.

fourth, Fujian delicacy Shopping Festival, taste of Fujian tongue". The carnival square delicacy to "eat in Fujian" as the slogan, held in Fujian delicacy Festival, Fujian, Fuzhou, the introduction of outstanding elements, a variety of delicacy, let you have a tongue on the trip to Fujian.

fifth, a station to buy the world, HIGH carnival. Carnival purchases square to Hester global purchase as the theme, the main import commodities, and launch Huimin * *.

sixth recommendation

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