The golden time Education Station of the college entrance examination please seize the opportunity

once a year the college entrance examination in the National People’s attention to smooth over this year, according to the Ministry of education statistics, the number of candidates staggering about 9000000 candidates each year in this huge data from June to September is the prime time for educators, as an Internet worker whether we can seize this opportunity?

first of all, what we think of is to make a website related to the college entrance examination, or a comprehensive door type website. Yes, I have done such a website myself, as a career in the Internet, I still use the process of my experience to write this article.

as a grassroots we this time may be in order to save costs, the first thought is to choose a good CMS, want to do a large portal before education network selection must consider the bearing system and data security, according to my own had suffered I suggest you choose the Empire or non PHPCMS you can choose the necessary stage, bigger and stronger strength in the system to develop some characteristics according to their own needs as to maintain the characteristics of the web site visitors to the site, to do a good education network not tens of thousands even tens of data on the root of 100 thousand remained stable not IP, because now almost every month there will be a a bigger test so that the choice of a good system, now Baidu in weird circumstances so do the education network is the first large amount of data.

is in the position when I get started is to locate in the area, the best location in the province, for example, are you from Jiangxi Jiangxi entrance examination network, Jiangsu Jiangsu entrance examination network geographical clear best capital at the local (city can choose early with) to bring in more income

for their ability for offline activities to bring convenience to the effective combination of online and offline integration of cyber sourceThe choice of the domain name

according to the strength of a 3 to 5 years old a good friend of the rice, easy to do weight

I of Hunan entrance examination network began in May last year was due to build at work less time spent three months in building the system really began in October, at the beginning of the column setting less get a few common exams such as the college entrance examination, test, examination, examination, and several other common institutions, civil servants exam do not need to pre stall shop would very busy, this time a good framework is to think of the data this time the general friend can be directly collected a lot of data to fill in, the high point of the train is false what, this time period is not necessary in this way it looks like Baidu will think you are garbage station, pre filled data is actually very good because of such examination and local governments have their own official website a little patience to collect the number of nearly 5 years According to their website, here is a skill not directly copy paste… That didn’t work very well. Such examinations are generally a lot of WORD documents should be issued directly, there is data split hair, and not too short, master

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