Talk about Admin5 published article soft some opinions

at A5 for many years, the site for one after another, the A5 account also follow change, since A5 became the website news source, A5 article (Ruan Wen) quality is significantly improved, completely to increase the link and write the Ruan Wen rarely appeared. My brother today on the bold article on A5 (Ruan Wen): real, practical, give me a chance.

: the title of the party about the real rampant, even a bad even cheat with Mongolia article can flicker a group of lovely stationmaster look, what venture a monthly income of tens of millions, how many and so on, but the professional webmaster query ALEX and found that IP was scared to death, for this kind of article hope the A5 editor is able to check, don’t mislead the young master! A5 as a netizen said "it is not even soft, is a liar," let’s get on a flicker of fame, a few days ago in the Tencent at 5 years after the listing plan was a spoof of depressing enough.

on the practical: on the A5 are webmaster, all want to A5 from the article (soft text) to learn what, A5 editor has been in strict review, recommend good articles for you webmaster learning reference. Brother, I simply A5 webmaster original article (Ruan Wen) made a classification:

of network marketing consultant (Ruan Wen): articles about this kind of network marketing consultant can be divided into two categories, one is the actual type of the theory quite well known in the industry network marketing consultant, they had a very successful network operation case or experience in well-known Internet companies, because of their success or their professional occupation training, they write the article should be a reference for learning did not see the world of grassroots webmaster, they in the article on the A5 is very high, the strange message is very sick, I don’t know why! The other is network marketing enthusiasts, they began to learn all kinds of network marketing method from the establishment of a personal blog, they are very careful to write out the article, but also very perfect, but because of the lack of " the actual operation process, many All taken for granted, from the actual is not practical, from the commercialization of network marketing is still a distance away. But no matter what kind of, need to respect, after all, made a lot of thought to do a thing, whether it is for speculation or increase the chain.

entrepreneurial post webmaster (Ruan Wen): some people say that NB money owners are busy doing the station time Ruan Wen released in A5, the general release of the webmaster is in the development of the new owners and owners, they put them in the process of establishment of the passions, the promotion of their approach to their business success and failure experience in website released to share and discuss with us their experiences than to keenly aware of a chain or a Ruan Wen transmission opportunity is more valuable, we also need to respect.

in the enterprise network and the network marketing staff post (Ruan Wen): A5 (article submission guidelines: the following reasons may lead to your submission is not approved: 4..

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