No technology how to choose a program to do the station

I remember before

, wrote a similar article of this kind of a friend, after reading, feel is not clear, so, pick up, I have to write a similar article. I do not understand technology typical, and to tell the truth, never do stand, only chance coincidence, so one foot in the industry, although not familiar, but in this respect, still a little experience.

first of all, what station do you want to do? Let’s do the analysis according to different types.

one, local classified information website

classified information source, there are many, your choice that we, like the PHP168 classification system (PHP), and the network classification system (ASP.NET c# development, if it is not open source), and now there is a fee of 163K (ASP.NET c#, open source, commercial version) and so on. In fact, there are many.

but need to place classified information character of convenient and practical, so I personally recommend the MYMPS+UC+UCHOME pattern, MYMPS website front, providing classified information, UCHOME is the user center, through the integration of UC, is the ideal collocation.

there is also a resource that can be used to do local classification, integration of information resources, that is, Wikipedia, specializing in local encyclopedias. For example, one of my websites is classified information. And I use the Kang Sheng UCHOME, I have bound two different domain names, and then I integrate an encyclopedia, with

local classification information network needs a lot of time to run in, especially in the case of most of the cities in the mainland now work outside, this website must adhere to and patience, in order to succeed. This is the choice to do this kind of website to pay attention to.

two, B2B industry type website

B2B open source, a comparison of the effects of the PHP168 now B2B version, I did some debugging in the machine, do not think the interface is very fine, so take it, think it is not ideal, in addition, I found another one called the DT PHP open source B2B site, relative to PHP168 speaking from the front interface, ideal point, the latest version is 2, are interested in doing this kind of website can go to find out.


ASP.NET version is WEBSEN, and the latest version is now 1.3. Q I also looked, feel good, the function is also very powerful, because in this machine has not been debugged successfully, so I am not very clear about how specific, just the forum said, BUG quite a lot. But personally, how do I get used to it?. NET, or choice. NET version, because commercial programs are still good with DLL.

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