The exchange chain is non analytical and credibility is shared by all

don’t know all the webmaster friends in the selected exchange chain is not always have a lot of fear, afraid of your site is not good show, if the effect is not good, feared no settlement and so on, now the world exchange chain credibility problem is always our attention, but the credibility is on the two sides to jointly safeguard the main site, not cheating, I want to do a swap chain alliance could not all account letter no innocent, do not give you such a settlement, hit their jobs, only Adsense, stable, exchange chain alliance can get long-term development, I have been in A5 see people say XX not what the Union settlement I think there are a few clocks inside, first, you have to cheat, or what tools. And you go to a mental lucky stationmaster station settlement settlement, you open Scold, the people stink, so webmaster do alliance hate the things, but the general League background are click behavior records. You use the software to brush or flow union is absolutely can be seen, the second case is that someone gave you malicious, this is generally your competitors do a good thing, but you have no way, the best way is to explain the situation and the general manager of union station, Union chief is empathy, you explained the situation, do not get missed you, the last one is the alliance itself does not want to grow strong, completely rely on the deduction amount and title of survival. This situation is the League too much garbage.

I run a chain exchange studio, scale, in the operation, we did find several problems: first, members through cheating software click Tools, we see this in the background you can see the.X.Y coordinates are the same (for example: X Y is the vertical cross) is under the natural flow of your station that coordinates good luck everyone points are so consistent? This is absolutely cheating needless to say,


second, your click, member IP per point of 3 do not have a website we are allowed, the integral will also increase, but some people today, three points, three points tomorrow, will really admire


we pig exchange chain operation a few months to see the effect, most of the webmaster is comply with the rules of the game. Also shows that the majority of owners and the quality of vision is good. Because you do you do in the swap chain, more points are also to the administrator audit.

09 years in the future, I wish you all in the 09 years of financial resources. Also sincerely welcome the masses of high-quality, the webmaster to join our pig exchange chain. Together to build 09 years of exchange chain first stop!


asked a5a starter, reprinted please note

thank you all, we have different opinions, we can exchange!


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