Wang Jian was your station closed today

recently, IDC service providers have launched a new round of inventory operations, resulting in many small and medium-sized websites can not open. Especially the movie station, the novel station, the game station block is quite serious. A forum in the hands of the author has not escaped this robbery.

it is understood that many IDC service providers have set up their own systems and regulations. For example, movies, video sites must hold information networks, audio-visual programs, licenses, forums, chat rooms, message boards and other types of websites must hold Internet Internet bulletin service licenses. In addition, there are a number of hacker sites, adult supplies, stations and so on all included in its scope. In the inventory, many sites closed down, the transformation of the transition, the prospect of confusion. In China, websites are the main source of income for small and medium-sized webmaster. Once the website is closed, they don’t know how to survive in the future. "Today’s network environment is too messy, and I don’t want to close it," said a friend around me. It seems the cold winter of the Internet has arrived.

website was blocked, thousands of Adsense unemployed, faced with the problem of finding a job again, who is responsible for all this? I believe that the Internet Storm is by no means accidental. IDC service providers can not fundamentally eliminate pornographic illegal websites, resulting in more ulterior motives of the owners to buy foreign space, trying to escape the domestic inventory, making network monitoring difficult.

in short, in today’s complex Internet environment, the webmaster must adhere to, persist, and then adhere to,


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