Tencent staff internal training WeChat subscription number of operations from entry to mastery


this article is a small sum of WeChat’s operations, can not be said to experience, after all ten thousand Hamlet, there are ten thousand ways to live. This article summarizes some of WeChat’s operations from positioning, operations (content operations, user operations, dismantling WeChat elements), promotion, tools, and public recommendation.


can consider the following three dimensions before starting a WeChat public number, positioning

1.1. user positioning: make clear who the target user is, what the target user is, and do the user portrait

1.2. service orientation: what services are provided and are there differentiated


1.3. platform positioning: combined with user positioning and service positioning to determine the platform’s tone, academic, spoof type, creative type?…… The tone of the platform will determine the strategy for content operations and user operations. Platform positioning also involves planning custom menus. In fact, the planning of a custom menu is somewhat like the functional planning at the bottom of APP, and the dimensions of planning thinking can be considered in terms of target users, usage scenarios, requirements, and platform characteristics. For example: do you know the features of the platform at a glance? The custom menu is actually telling the user: "what do I have here?".

PS: for operation from the media accounts of a friend, or your own ass, BAT background, pioneering new star, red net, operating through its influence from the media account WeChat general quality is relatively high, the target user is relatively concentrated, strong stability, most of the contents of partial dry cargo. The academic norm, such as BLUES, the eagle said, Su Jie, etc.. If you is not famous, have enough special temperament, offbeat, high cold Huodiao wire, find a small entrance, the opinion leader in the field, such as hair that night (focusing on the topic of gender ") and that micro-blog’s famous hand piece growth path is similar to that of such as focusing on the constellation research fellow uncle", focused on the discovery of wonderful things "I was shocked," movie recommendation "movie sniper" etc.. In the operation of WeChat subscription number, I personally think that these two paths, and do a small, well-known, are of research value.

content operations


every day to push what specific content, content arrangement or logical, repetition can allow the user to remember platform characteristics, such as "a" text layout, everyone is a product manager of Internet er the morning reading "the beginning part, from the perspective of content operation find duplicate elements, such as the first figure, the beginning part, the conclusion, it is important to spread and retain users. Operating public accounts of friends all know, an article of "freshness" is generally 3 days, after 3 days, if the platform does not have a good article relay, fans straight down is no need to

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