Once again for stationmaster Wang Jianyan

1, a love of stationmaster net friends hang on ADMIN5 in their own personal website links, such as http://s.www.youa168.com/ and http://s.www.davyliu.cn/ are my personal blog on webmaster network link. Because this to further improve the influence of webmaster nets is very good, and hang on the link to individual station also have no influence, because all with Adsense network no competition relationship station.

also can hang to stationmaster net link friend a little reward, for instance, when the contribution allows to hang a link in the article,


2, once again set up separate suggestions webmaster forum, with the current independent Trading Forum, graph king could forget DZ, due to the implementation of the UCENTER, the user can hang a center several forums, there is a good webmaster technology exchange forum, which helped to increase the diversity of gas station.

also, Adsense nets current trading BBS suggest change style, the current Taibai, go in all white vast, eyes are very tired.

3, stationmaster net currently all technical articles, I know stationmaster net current emphasis on focus, but I think the new IT information of the program such as http://s.www.techweb.com.cn/, can greatly improve the site attractive. Compared to many technical articles, the content is almost the same, changed to go to that point. I’m tired of seeing too much.

personal blog: http://s.www.davyliu.cn/

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